Pinus palustris Longleaf Pine 1gallon


Pinus palustris (Longleaf Pine) nice fat 1gallon plants. 

Pinus palustris (Longleaf Pine) nice fat 1gallon plants. 

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Longleaf pine

I love the longleaf pine. Arrived safely and is a healthy tree. I did not want to buy a pine that has been in a pot sitting in a nursery. I imagine it will grow better in my yard if planted from a sapling because of the tap root.

Pleasing Pinus Palustris

One of my favorite trees. Grass stage will take a while to grow up, but is worth the wait. I received a strong healthy plant.

Baby pine tree still growing well

Arrived quickly and in relatively good shape. Make sure someone is home to accept delivery and open the box if ordering during the hottest part of summer. Seems to be growing well after planting. Will order from this company again.

healthy trees

The trees seemed healthy and viable. Both are doing fine so far. This native tree is hard to find, and I am looking forward to watching them grow.

order long leaf pines

I order two Long Leaf Pines. It only took about a week to receive them and they were well package. They were taken out of the plastic container pot and the root ball was wrap in plastic. They were full with probably 50 or so foot long needles on them. The one pine the soil was falling apart a bit when I took it out of the bag and had to be careful. The other one had a strong root system and look very healthy. Overall was happy and would buy from again.