Plant Care

Frequently Asked Questions about Plant Care & Shipping 

How will my plants be shipped?
UPS handles all of our shipping. You must provide a physical address for shipment, because UPS does not deliver to Post Office boxes.

How much is the shipping charge?
Shipping charges are calculated based on the monetary total of your order. Shipping will be automatically calculated at checkout. There is no minimum order. As you add items to your cart, the shipping charge will update, so you will know what the charge will be before you formally place an order.

When will my plants be shipped?
We ship Monday-Wednesday of each week. Orders are shipped as they are received, unless the customer requests a specific ship date. There is an opportunity during the order process to insert special instructions if you wish to choose a specific ship date. This is very important to note. Since plants are perishable, consider your vacations and schedule accordingly with regard to ship date.

What do I do with my plants when they arrive?
Plants are perishable, so handle with care. They will be well- packed, so unpack them very slowly and carefully. Plants will arrive in small pots or with root balls secured in a plastic bag. If plants seem dry, water them. If you are unable to plant them right away, plants can be held for several weeks in their plastic bags. Poke two small drain holes in the bottom of the bag, keep them in partial shade, and treat them just as you would treat any potted plant.

A Note About Dormant Plants:
During the winter months, most plants are dormant; which means "asleep," not dead. If you receive perennials during their dormant season, you might get a small pot that looks like it is a pot of dirt with no plant. This is not a practical joke!! The plant is really in there; it is just resting. Before we ship it to you, we inspect the roots to make sure the plant is really in there and is alive.

What do I do if my plants are damaged?
Don't panic! We do everything in our power to avoid this from happening; however, sometimes damage does occur. 99% of the time, UPS does a great job delivering our plants just the way we packed them. If plants are damaged, please call us immediately 850-973-0585 to discuss the damage. Oftentimes, if a limb is broken, it is not fatal to the plant. In nature, plants get damaged by wind, rain, etc. and they continue to grow and reproduce without any problem. If you do receive a plant that is broken, (using sharp pruners) simply clip the stem off at a 45 degree angle. This will stimulate new growth and prevent disease from entering at the point of the break. If damage is severe, we will certainly discuss it with you, and come up with an agreeable solution.

 Do you have a warranty on plants? No, we cannot control weather or other folk's gardening tactics.