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We do offer year-round shipping, because we understand that our valued customers up north can't plant during our regular shipping season because of the severe cold.  However, shipping during the hot summer months is never a good idea.  While grasses and palms ship just fine during the summer, most plants ship and thrive a lot better when shipped during the cooler months (October-April). Remember,  if you do order and request summer shipping, you do it at your own risk. We are not responsible for heat damage that can likely occur.



Most plants are 1gallon size. At shipment time, plants are removed from their pots and minimal dirt from the rootball is eliminated. Plant rootball is packed in a plastic bag and secured tight with rubber bands. Plants are then placed in boxes and protected by a shredded paper packing. All plants are shipped via UPS. When plants are received, treat them as you would any potted plant from a garden center.