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Solidago odora (Sweet Goldenrod) 4ft; anise scented leaves; late summer early fall bloomer; full sun/partial shade.  Blooms attract bees, butterflies and many other insects. Goldenrods are among the most important late-season pollinator plants. Honey bees feast on goldenrod nectar before winter. Butterflies and many other pollinators rely on goldenrods as a major food source. Beekeepers often use goldenrods as the primary food source for winter.  Some sources report that goldenrod nectar has an average sugar concentration of 33%.

Zone 4-9

1gallon available


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    excellent plants

    Posted by jill peterson on Mar 23rd 2022

    nice hefty plants arrived in great condition with great eco conscious packing as always. this is definitely my favorite place to buy plants. these mail order ones do better than the ones i buy local.

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    Sweet Goldenrod

    Posted by Pam Pierce on Sep 29th 2020

    When I opened the box containing this plant, the delightful fragrance overwhelmed me. The root system on each plant was healthy, and the plants were much larger than I expected.

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    Solidago odora

    Posted by Monson Lane on Jun 24th 2020

    Just five days after planting my newly purchased goldenrod, my new plants are already looking great in my pollinator garden. Planted among native aster, purple coneflower, beautyberry, salvia, beebalm and three species of milkweed, I am expecting my new plants to provide pollen and nectar far into the fall in my north Florida home. My new plants arrived in fantastic shape and have already begun to put out new foliage.

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    Solidago odora

    Posted by Thomas on Jun 1st 2018

    There's so much good that can be said about this native goldenrod. Not only does it provide one of the most extended bloom times for the species, it also blooms earlier than most. It's foliage is deep green with thin leaves resembling peach leaves, but prettier. In addition, the foliage, when crushed, smells wonderfully like anise. It can be grown in clay , sand or good garden soil and it performs best in full sun. It also eats drought up for lunch! It's easily the most well behaved GR that I've ever grown, and I grew at least 10 different species. The first 7 I purchased from MON were very nice. I plan to add at least a dozen more this Fall. If you're looking for a well behaved late summer bloomer that attracts pollinators, look no further than Solidago odora.