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With all of the new selections of blueberries made by various universities, it is easier than ever for homeowners to have a successful blueberry patch.  Blueberries are delicious and have many health benefits.  They do best in full sun and loamy well-drained soil. They can even be grown in large containers if your space is limited.  Each variety needs a certain number of chill hours. Please refer to the Chill Hour map to find your zone.  Blueberries need adequate pollination in order to bear fruit.  Rabbiteye Blueberries pollinate each other adequately, so if you plant 2-3 varieties in close proximity you will have abundant fruit.

  • Vaccinium asheii 'Alapaha'
    Vaccinium asheii 'Alapaha'
    Produces a medium-sized, dark firm berry which ripens in late May to early June.  'Alapaha' blueberries require 450-550 chill hours. Plant in full sun. 'Premier' is a good companion blueberry for pollination. Zone...
  • Vaccinium asheii 'Brightwell'  1 gallon
    Vaccinium asheii 'Brightwell' 1 gallon
    'Brightwell' produces medium sized fruit in May-June. They thrive in full sun or partial shade. 350-400 chill hours needed Plant 'Powder Blue' as a pollinator. Introduced by University of Florida. Zone 7-9  1 gallon...
  • Vaccinium asheii 'Powder Blue'
    Vaccinium asheii 'Powder Blue'
    Introduced by the University of Florida and named for their powder blue color, 'Powder Blue' produces nice firm fruit that ripens in June-July prolonging the berry season.  350 chill hours needed. 'Brightwell' is a...
  • Vaccinium asheii 'Premier'
    Vaccinium asheii 'Premier'
    Introduced by NC State University. Tasty light blue fruit ripens in late May.  550 Chill hours needed. Plant with 'Brightwell' for best pollination. Zones 7-9 1gallon $10.00
  • Vaccinium asheii 'Vernon'
    Vaccinium asheii 'Vernon'
    'Vernon' was introduced by the University of Georgia and rivals the old time favorite 'Climax' as far as berry yield.  'Vernon' is a late bloomer, which helps with late spring freeze problems.  It  produces...



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