Cyrilla racemiflora Titi

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up to 25 ft.; thicket-forming shrub; often has a twisted appearance; long cream-white flower clusters in spring; attractive in the naturalistic landscape; food source for bees; grows best in wet soils.

ZONE 6-9

SIZE: 1 gallon


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    Bent like a Shepard's Hook

    Posted by A Hughes on May 3rd 2022

    This would be an excellent plant if it hadn't knocked around during shipping. I would recommend to the company to use stabilizers (like bamboo or sticks) inserted through the plant's root ball and running the length of the box to keep a woody plant braced. I requested a Titi that I could tree-form, which if it hadn't bent drastically in shipping this would have be excellent for. 1 other plant bent in the order also but as a herbacous perennial it will be less affected. The woody stem of the Titi can not be straightened so I'll prune from what ever goes up. It just means a year's delay in growth. Still, this plant is hard to find any where and especially at this price. I'll definately order from Mail Order Natives again.