Quercus virginiana Live Oak

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Quercus virginiana (Live Oak) 40-80 ft. tall and 60-100 ft. wide; indicative of the South; Georgia state tree; perfect shade tree for large areas, parks, golf courses, etc.; leaves are dark rich green year round. Often believed to be slow growing but with proper care can grow rapidly in youth and them moderately with age. Larval plant for the White M Hairstreak butterfly.
Zone 8-10.
SIZE: 1gallon


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    Nice packing

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Oct 2016

    Both oaks arrived in great condition and rooted in soil, Both have survived the drought with watering. They are also larger than most trees we mail order for. A good value and a broad selection of Quercus.

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    I saw that kind tree in Pueblo zoo and I surprise that it grows in colorado.

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Apr 2015

    The reason I want this kind tree because I saw that kind tree in Pueblo zoo that grew 15 feet tall and I surprise it grows in colorado. And I want to try this tree in colorado springs too and I like the evergreen trees with leaves so it can cheer me up a bit in winter because I don't like everything it brown in winter I want to turn colorado greener winter and year round probably can cheer up people a bit in winter. And I want them grow in colorado again after they once grew in colorado millions of years ago and I planning bring them back from extinction too.