Rhapidophyllum hystrix Needle Palm 3 gallon


Rhapidophyllum hystrix Needle Palm 3 gallon size
Hardy to Zone 7

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Rhapidophyllum hystrix Needle Palm 3 gallon size
Hardy to Zone 7

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Needle Palms

Very satisfied with my purchase. I’ve been buying plants on line for a few years and this company has excellent quality plants! The plants were packaged exceptionally well too, not one leaf was damaged which is very impressive.

Needle Palm

I was very happy with the service as well as the plants! The Needle Palms I ordered were delivered quickly and in great condition. Will order from again.

Needle palms

I have purchased a few palms from this company previously and just recently bought 2 more 3 gallon needle palms. As usual, they were strong, healthy plants and arrived without any damage. Also very reasonably priced. I definitely give them 5 stars for both their products and service!

• Rhapidophyllum hystrix Needle Palm 3 gallon

Arrived in excellent condition. It actually looks better than most you see in nurseries. Nice size too. Very pleased. Thank you.

3g Needle Palm

Plants look great and have numerous sucker shoots developing. A fine value

Excellent condition

This is my first time ordering from “Mailordernatives.com” I purchased this Needle Palm for 2 reasons; 1) The price was unbeatable.2) The size was also a something that most of their competitors didn’t offer, for the same price. I would have ordered a lager size, but a #3 Gallon was th largest size they carried at the time.

Needle Palm

Very health and good-sized plants. Thank you.

Needle palm a "trooper" in Midwest.

I bought some Needle palms and Sabal minors from Mail Order Natives before and I received a great size for the money, as well as the quality. Amy and her staff took the time to make sure the order was delivered right to my door and making the palms simple and easy to plant as well. I have a 15 gallon Needle palm in my backyard that I only cover with minimal protection, in the cold winters of Kansas.