Viburnum acerifolium Mapleleaf Viburnum 1gallon

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Viburnum acerifolium (Mapleleaf Viburnum) 4-7 ft. tall; one of the most popular Viburnum; thrives in the shade; leaves resemble those of maples and sport beautiful fall color. Zone 4-8.
SIZE: 1gallon


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    Mapleleaf Virburnum

    Posted by Barbara Smith on 1st Oct 2019

    Such nice people to work with and how great to find the perfect Juglone friendly, bird friendly, shade friendly flowering bush!

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    Viburnum acerifolium

    Posted by Julia Saville on 18th Sep 2019

    I ordered two of these plants to supplement the Viburnum dentatum purchased at the same time. They form under plantings to a woodland natives garden I'm establishing. The plants arrived in excellent shape, carefully packed, and they appear to be thriving now with little buds visible on all. I was delighted with the care and attentiveness shown by the seller. The plants were treated as living things not merely marketable goods and their response to planting suggests they will thrive.

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    Viburnum Acerifolium

    Posted by Chris Stover on 22nd May 2018

    Arrived in good condition with leaves that have stayed for several weeks now after being a bit limp on arrival. A little smaller than expected. I mail ordered little shrubs from 7 businesses this year and this order was one of the top two for packing. Sprayed right away with deer/rabbit repellent as this species got chomped the last time I ordered (from elsewhere).

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    Maple leaf viburnum

    Posted by Karen on 21st May 2018

    Ordered three, all came quickly and in excellent condition

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    Healthy Plant

    Posted by Earl on 28th Nov 2017

    I ordered the plant in late October. When the Viburnum arrived it was about 2ft tall, single trunk with healthy leaves and lots of buds. The rootball looked very healthy. The plant was larger than I expected for the price. It went straight into the ground. Two weeks later it still looks great! Looking forward to the spring. One of the best packing and shipping jobs I've ever seen from a mail order nursery!

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    Happy Plant

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Jun 2017

    The Viburnum arrived in great shape, with a full root ball and no sign of dehydration. I transferred it to a pot and fully watered it right away as it would not go in the ground for several days. It is in its home now and is a happy plant. I am delighted that these natives are available in root ball as opposed to bare root form. I've had mixed results with bare root, many arriving so dehydrated it was hard to recover them.

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    nice size well rooted

    Posted by Stephen Fast on 29th May 2017

    Mine were about 14-16" with strong sturdy growth and were well rooted in the pot. MON did a nice job packing them for shipment even though it was warmer than usual.

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    Looking forward to spring

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Nov 2016

    Plant arrived within two days of shipment. It appears to be healthy. Looking forward to spring growth.

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    Waiting for growth

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Nov 2016

    Plant arrived and appears to be healthy. Looking forward to the spring to watch it grow.